Add ability to set default geodatabase in Output view and Catalog/Folders view

08-03-2021 01:55 AM
Status: Open
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I like to subdivide data up into different geodatabases. Being able to create a new FGDB in the output dialog for a tool is a great help, but if you could toggle that new FGDB, or any other you have to be the default geodatabase for your project, that would make it even easier to quickly put data where you want it to go. I'd suggest just adding an extra option to the context menu for the FGDBs, the current one is shown in the screenshot below for reference.


I note @CarlMorrison's comment pointing out that you can do this, if you view the Databases section of the Catalog View\Pane, as shown in the screenshot below, but my failure to find that may support my request, or just say something about my abilities ;-). Being able to do this in the output dialog would, to my mind, be consistent and useful.




In Catalog View in ArcGIS Pro you should be able to right click on the GDB and there is an option at the top of the context menu to "Make Default".


@CarlMorrison - thanks for the pointer, I was in the Folders section, not in the Databases section of the Catalog View/Pane, if I go via the Databases section, I can see that option.  I also now note that the Manage\Databases tab in the ribbon that becomes active in Catalog View if you have selected a GDB, there's a Make Default button. I'll edit the title of my idea, as I still think it would be useful to just have that option 'everywhere' - as if it was, we'd not be having this conversation :-). Anyway, thanks again!


In addition to this idea to Catalog, any new options should be reiterated in the 'Add Data' window.

Current options within 'Add Data' window include what's depicted in your screenshot; a) Rename and b) Copy Path.

I'd also like to have these options:

c) Add as Folder Connection

d) Set as Home Folder

...when right clicking on a folder within 'Add Data'.