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Add folder connection from 'Add Data' and similar dialog boxes

02-04-2022 08:38 AM
Status: Open
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I'm looking for an option to add a folder connection from the 'Add Data' and similar dialog boxes. ArcMap has this capability - see attached.

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The lack of this ArcMap-era functionality persists into ArcGIS Pro 3.0.1 - no toolbar icon, nor is there an option in the context menu. I even tried dragging a folder over to the Folders (folder connections) area but it appears dragging is disabled entirely for some reason (can't even move data between folders).



@KoryKramermay be able to update you on the status of this idea. Several members of the Core team were interested in adding additional context menus from what I can recall from the ESRI 2022 Pro Q&A. I just don't know exactly how these ideas get passed onto them formally for defining new development goals.


I support this idea as I did my previous thread which also included native mouse support for forward/backward navigation of 'Add Data' directory. (Previous Thread)


Cheers! Conner