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Expand docked attribute table width in ArcGIS Pro

09-13-2017 10:17 AM
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In Pro, if I have the Contents pane docked on the left and any other pane docked on the right, my attribute table sits at the bottom in between the two. Why can't I choose to have it cover the entire bottom of the screen? I only need the contents pane to be so tall, so I'd like to be able to see more attribute columns instead.

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The idea is valid, but I just wanted to share that if you hide panes on the side, you'll get the entire screen width for your attribute table:


Thanks for the response Kory. That is useful in some circumstances, but often i do need to also see the Table of Contents and/or the Geoprocessing/Catalog/other pane.


In response to, in ArcGIS Pro 2.5 it will be possible to approximate the request here with the exception that the table won't be docked.

For example,