Definition Query in Attribute Table

09-09-2011 07:41 AM
Status: Open
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Indicate active Definition Query in Attribute Table and provide easy controls for DQ creation and modification.

  • Display number of queried records vs. total (without DQ applied)
  • Switch between queried/all records display
  • Indicate fields used in Query Expression (Excel like Attribute Table formatting and control)
  • Definition Query Expression Text Box directly in Attribute Table
  • Interactive Visual Query Builder – create query expression simply by selecting the desired attribute values directly in Attribute Table (Intelligent Query Expression Builder)
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If I may add to the list:

  • Allow to toggle the definition query on and off (as opposed to having to delete the query)
  • In the TOC, have an indicator for layer that have a defition query applied (perhaps have the layer name in italics, or underlined, or have an asterix at the end)....anything that would help determine if a layer has a defintion quiery on it or not w/out having to go all the way into the layer properties definition query tab.