Cluster Rendering for ArcMap

07-30-2012 10:25 AM
Status: In Product Plan
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Cluster rendering was demonstrated at the Esri UC Plenary and looks like a great capability. Would like to see this renderer added to the desktop products.


I second that motion, I actually went looking to see how to do this is Desktop. Would be nice to have different shaped of clusters (hexaganol) and also throw in heat mapping while we're at it. Why should this just be an ArcGIS Online/ESRI Maps for MS Office function. Google lets you do this for free come on ESRI.
We really need this feature!

Great thought. Never going to happen. All new development is going to Pro. ArcMap is dying on the vine.

We've marked this as In Product Plan, but note that as John stated, this will be functionality going into ArcGIS Pro.  

Is there a time frame for this update? Not having this tool is really frustrating. Would also like to see the symbology in the 'Summary Viewer' web app template made available in online maps or other configurable app templates.

This functionality didn't make it into Pro 2.3 which will be out in January 2019.  So hopefully in the release after that.

Thanks for the update. Do you know if they will be bringing this symbology to ArcGIS online? The current 'clustering' symbology doesn't work for most applications and doesn't allow you to add a count label. Would love to see something like the clustering tools in Google maps without having to create a custom application: GitHub - googlemaps/js-marker-clusterer: A marker clustering library for the Google Maps JavaScript ... 

Sounds like you're interested in  

I got Pro 2.4.1 but can't see it anywhere.

Hi Kory Kramer‌, will it make it to 2.5? Will Multipoint FC be supported?

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