Add Trend Analysis Tool in ArcGIS Pro

12-08-2021 11:59 AM
Status: Open
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Within ArcMap we can view trends in data, using the trend analysis tool with the geostatistical analyst license. There is an image of what I am talking about here: Trend analysis—Help | ArcGIS Desktop . This was asked about by @VictoriaAnderson1 back in March of 2018. JacobHelfman1 agreed in 2020 and @KoryKramer suggested that it be added as an idea, despite being on the development team's radar. see original discussion: Trend analysis in ArcPro - Esri Community

I searched Ideas. Doesn't seem like anyone ever filed an idea for demand tracking. So here it is! 

USGS has many scientists that need this tool in order to move from ArcMap to Pro. Not having it in Pro adds to the list --- that keeps our users from moving to or even trying out ArcGIS Pro! If there has been development, and it does exist in a specified toolbox, please share. Doc online seems to only note the "Trend Analysis" tool with graph viewing interface as a thing in ArcMap only! UPVOTE this if you want it in Pro!


@LaurenBennett ?


@JoshuaCoyan Upvote here!




yea... 12 yeas, no nays thus far, counting thumbs


I need this for research and for teaching.  We have moved to ArcGIS Pro and I don't like saying things like "ArcMap had this awesome tool, but seemingly ArcGIS Pro does not".  I'd like to vote for Tracking Analyst too.


I would like to re-iterate my support for putting trend analysis in arcpro.