Workarounds for creating a map using bar (column) chart symbology?

12-21-2021 10:29 AM
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Does anyone know of a workaround or solution to how I could create this type of map on AGOL with bar (column) chart symbology, so that I can add it to an ArcGIS Dashboard?:



I know I could just create some individual bar charts in Dashboards, but I really want to show these charts according to their locations.

I am working with a feature class that is in my local .gdb . I am displaying 6 fields in the bar charts.

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I found where you can create charts using Map Viewer - here's a screen shot.  Plus there is some good information in this link that might help

See right panelSee right panel

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Short of publishing a Map Image service, I don't know that this sort of thing is actually possible without getting into some custom coding.

The closest you might be able to come is having 6 copies of the same layer, each with a graduated size symbol based on the relevant attributes, and with the symbol's position adjusted. But I doubt it's going to look anything close to what you want.

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This functionality has been posted in ArcGIS Ideas:

Chart Symbology in ArcGIS Online Map Viewer - Esri Community

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Thank you @RobinDiSalvo1 , @jcarlson , and @Kanin for the prompt responses! @RobinDiSalvo1 is that for displaying charts in the Pop-Ups@jcarlson thanks for that idea, I think that would of worked if I didn't have to display 2 different data sets for 3 different years (the 6 fields I'm working with). @Kanin I just upvoted that idea, that should definitely happen.

I came across this Story Map showing how to use Map Notes to display images users create of their bar charts (they used Excel and PowerPoint in this example).

Yesterday, I was able to display a bar chart next to my locations using the method above, however the bar chart (image) was still kind of blurry and a bit too small even though I had selected the largest size it could be displayed at. But I thought it would make do for now, however today when I checked my map again, the bar charts (images) are now not displaying. I think my connection to the imagery was cut off by my work's server/internet security settings as you have to upload the images to one's Content Folder then create a connection to it using the image's link...



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