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12-08-2021 11:59 AM
by Anonymous User
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I am currently looking to build a type of user guide/tutorial for a web application and initial thoughts went to landing page or splash page, but I was hoping I could do more such as a splash page with next and previous buttons that will highlight the tools and explain use (maybe literally highlight the tools on the page and bounce around after hitting next). Does anyone have an idea on how this could work? Has created something similar to this?

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I would use Experience Builder, personally. Using a Section with an accompanying Views Navigator, you can make a splash screen that has multiple sections to it.


For "highlights", it can get a little more complicated. You can have a "window" open over the item being highlighted, but you've got to be careful that the window doesn't supersede the guide itself, and that it reliably gets placed in the correct location. We opt for including screenshotes and animated GIFs in our "guide" splash screen, and it works well enough.

- Josh Carlson
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by Anonymous User
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That is a great idea, it should at least do what I need it to do. Thank you!