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10-20-2020 02:57 PM
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I added 5 new domains to a feature layer in AGOL and then updated the symbology.  I opened the feature layer using the visualization tab and saved the layer.  I also opened the Web Map that I am using the layer in, the legend looks great.  I saved the Web Map.  When I open the Web Map and hit the Edit button, the template the pops up shows all of the domains added.  When I open the application that this web map is used in, the legend looks perfect.  It is only when I hit the Smart Editor widget and the template pops up to add new points do the new domains not show up in the template.  Even in Pro if I pull this layer in through the Portal, the legend and the template there look great.  How can I get the new items to show up in the Smart Editor widget template?  Thanks for any help.

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Thank you for sharing your question.

The Smart Editor widget will display the templates as they were published with your service. Changes made to the symbology directly into the web map (including labels) may not be reflected in the template picker in Smart Editor as you've described.

You will need to save the symbology changes against the layer or change the symbology directly in the visualization tab before adding it to your web map.

Please review the reply provided here for more details on doing this:

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