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New Map Viewer Does Not Honor Field Configurations

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04-23-2021 05:55 AM
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The problem that I'm having is that when using the New Map Viewer in ArcGIS Online to edit data in a web map, folks are able to view and edit all fields of the layer, even fields that have been set to not visible and/or not editable.

Background: I published layers and created views. After I created the views in AGOL, from the Data tab, I configured the pop-up to make some fields not editable but visible, and some fields not editable or visible, and several fields both editable and visible. Then I added those layers to a web map (classic viewer) and saved it.

Behavior in classic map viewer: when a user clicks on a feature and edits it, or adds a new feature, they do not see any fields that are set to not visible, and if the field is set to visible but not editable, they can see it, but they cannot add data to it (it's grayed out).

Behavior in new map viewer: when user clicks on Edit on the right panel and then chooses either edit a feature or add a feature, they have access to view and edit every field of the layer, regardless of the visibility and editability of the pop-up configuration. Now I will note that when a user simply clicks on a feature to view the information, the pop-up configuration is honored as far as which fields are visible. I do not see anywhere in the new map viewer where it is honoring the "Edit" property of the pop-up configuration that is set at the layer level.

If there is a way to restrict the user from editing certain fields within a layer in the new map viewer, please let me know. However, this could potentially take a long time as we have so many layers and maps that would need to be updated. I'm concerned that our users all have access to the new map viewer and can now edit every field.



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Hi all,

This issue is planned to be addressed to some extent in the upcoming release (currently planned for tonight 12/8). With this fix, Map Viewer will honor the attribute fields configuration and won't allow editing fields that are set to not-editable in the pop up configuration for the feature layer.



In order to hide some attribute fields, you can use view layers and set attribute definitions. By doing so, the fields that are not included in the view layer won't be visible and hence not editable in the Map Viewer. 

(*In the new release creating a view layer interface has been updated to provide a better user experience)



And... here is the more exciting part and a sneak peak to a new functionality in this ArcGIS Online release which provides a better experience for controlling fields visibility and editability.

Now you can use Forms (similar to what you might be already familiar with in Field Maps) in Map Viewer to control which field should be visible/editable on your map when adding/editing features. 






I hope this answers your some of your questions and provides a viable solution. Please feel free to post any additional questions here or by reaching out to Technical Support.


All the best,


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I can confirm similar behavior in my maps. If the layer is editable, all visible fields are editable.

The workaround here (warning: it's tedious) is that recently AGOL added the ability to toggle editing per field. So I guess it's more accurate to say, if the layer is editable, all visible fields are editable if their settings allow it.

Item → Data → Fields → Field → Editable


It's a really fantastic addition, and you'd only have to change it once per layer / view, but there's not really another way around it at this point.

To make it less tedious, you could do this via the Python API. If you look at, you can find the fields section, which looks like this (emphasis added):

"fields": [
      "name": "OBJECTID",
      "type": "esriFieldTypeOID",
      "actualType": "int",
      "alias": "OBJECTID",
      "sqlType": "sqlTypeInteger",
      "nullable": false,
      "editable": false,
      "visible": true,
      "domain": null,
      "defaultValue": null

 Using update_definition, you can adjust the editable property that way as well. Depending on how many layers you're trying to update, it might be quicker to do up a python loop.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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Yeah, it is a really nice addition, however the advantage of the popup settings is that fields can be editable or not editable in different web maps. This setting applies to all webmaps a layer is in. I really need this option, back to classic!

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It seems this solution only works for 'hosted' layers.  I'm using feature services from our SDE.  Does anyone know how to disable editing of specific fields either in the service creation or ideally in AGOL?  Hopefully we'll get field level control in the new Map Viewer soon.

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Have you found a way to disable editing on specific fields in the new Map Viewer?

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@MarkEastwood - look at the reply to my comment from @jcarlson . There is a way to configure it at the layer level.

Unfortunately this has to be done to all of our views, which is a-plenty. In the meantime, if people open one of our maps in the new map viewer, they have full edit access to all of the fields!

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Bumping again for visibility. Any fixes on this yet or documentation? My work flow includes multiple maps hitting the same hosted feature layer (haven't figured out hosted views yet) and I was using this for different field editing for different maps/ users. Maybe this is a way to force hosted views? If there is a better workflow using the New Map Viewer I'm all ears.

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I'm also having issues with this.  I have a map I created in Map Viewer Classic.  By default maps now open in the new viewer so they do not honour the attribute editing settings I selected.

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Same issue here.  Setting the Editable setting on the layer itself is not an option as some fields need to be editable at other stages of our workflow.

Here is my configured pop-up:


When someone goes to edit this same point every single field in the feature layer is available for editing.  I didn't include all fields but this demonstrates the issue.


This is not a good thing.  I'd like to see my pop-up as configured above but only the fields that can be editable will be editable.  

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Hi all, 

It seems like this issue is caused by a defect in Map Viewer. A bug has been logged against this behavior:

  • BUG-000139878 - Hidden fields are visible and editable when editing a feature service in Map Viewer.




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