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06-08-2021 02:33 PM
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Hello! I'm an absolute newbie to ArcGIS and I hope someone can help me with a simple problem that I have.

I use ArcGISOnline and the Field Maps app on my iPad for birdwatching. That is, I use points to indicate where I have spotted a particular bird or a bird's nest. To make it simple, I use the template for collecting points. I then edit the table by adding fields for the name of the bird, a shortcut name for the bird name composed of 3 characters, and the habitat where I spotted the bird (forest, water, prairie, etc.).  I fill the bird name shortcut and the habitat with a pre-filled list so that I don't have to keep on typing these info. After which, I add this layer to my map. 

 When I'm out in the field, I use the Field Maps app to add points whenever I spot a bird or a nest (or is the Collector app more suited for this?).

This is all working okay and I'm very happy with the results.  My question is, how can I automatically populate the bird name field based on the bird name shortcut?  I don't want to have to enter the bird name as well.  Instead, I want to keep a table of all bird names and use the bird name shortcut as the primary key and then use that to lookup the bird's name.

I have experience with databases, tables, index, and sql and I thought I could use a related table as a lookup I don't know if it's possible to create a dbf table using ArcGIS Online, and even if not, if it's possible to attach a dbf created in another app (Access, for example) to the layer and then use that as a lookup table.

I tried looking for a solution online but I couldn't find something simple to solve this problem and I hope someone can help me.

Thank you very much in advance!

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In regards to the relationship table building you need to build the layer outside of Online. I'd use ArcPro and then publish to online. Below is a wonderful video showing step by step how to accomplish


Designing Related Records in ArcGIS Pro for use in ArcGIS Online

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