(Noob question) Linking to other webmaps, how to interact?

08-06-2021 07:45 AM
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First, let me state I am new to arcgis online so I hope I get my question across in a way that you can understand and are able to help me. 🙂   

I am attempting to produce a webmap that consists of my data (gas well points) and beneath my data display data the state of kentucky has produced.  I can achieve this visually however I wish to be able to interact with the data from Kentucky.  By interact I mean,  select something from the Kentucky data and obtain a popup.  

Currently I am adding/linking to my webmap another webmap I have located at the following link I found via arcgis online search. This webmap contains information about the geology of the state of Kentucky. https://kgs.uky.edu/arcgis/rest/services/KYGeo_WGS84/MapServer

My understanding is the above webmap obtains it's information from the data at this link; https://kgs.uky.edu/kgsweb/mapdata.asp .  

Within Arcgispro I can add data from the last link and everything works as desired within arcgis pro, all of the Kentucky data is interactive.  My question is, does anyone know of a way within arcgis webmaps I can achieve the same result?   

I am new to arcgis online and arcgis pro both in general. So, I  might be adding the Kentucky geology webmap incorrectly to my webmap. Also, there is a chance, and I honestly don't know, perhaps I don't need to add another webmap to my webmap and should be adding the data from the last link directly to my webmap, I don't know how to do this.  

Any advice at all would be appreciated. This seems like something that should work since that I can get it to work in arcgis pro, I am sure me being new is just the problem. 

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You need to enable pop-up at layer level (for desired layers). Click the three dots (...) under the layer name > Enable Pop-up. Then you may also configure pop-up, if required.




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That was it!    Thank you so much!   I didn't even consider that as an option. 🙂  

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Ah ok - I actually thought this might be an issue with the new web map version. But I'll put my answer here for posterity... With the map viewer “classic” you can “Add a Layer from Web” and simply use the URL of the map service: https://kgs.uky.edu/arcgis/rest/services/KYGeo_WGS84/MapServer and that will add it to the web map (then enable popup, etc). I don’t see that option with the new web map viewer. So, I think you have to add that layer to your content by going back to My Content --> Add a New Item --> and select URL. Then use the URL above to add to you content. Then you should be able to bring it into your webmap by connecting to it in your content under the Add functionality in the new web map.

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It's also possible in new Map Viewer. After adding the map service, expand to see the layer(s) > Click on the three dots (...) > Show Properties.

On the right-hand, you can see Configure Pop-up tool



On clicking it, you can see option to enable pop-up as well as configure it.



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I found posts from back in 2019 saying that Add Layer from Web is coming soon to the New Map Viewer but I still do not see it.  It must be there by now right?

Also it would be great if I could select multiple layers to remove at one time.


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