Layers in a Map Viewer are suddenly in reversed order

12-22-2021 01:45 AM
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I have made a map (new map viewer) and suddenly all the layers are in reversed order. Reordering the layers and saving the map did not work.


This behavior has a relation with this issue.

Cant save online feature layer. - Esri Community

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Can you share the map? thanks!

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Hi @RussRoberts,

I have identified the reason why this issue occurs.

I also replied about this in in this post:

In Map Viewer with an existing map it gives the error:


my experience:

  • when I add an other hosted feature layer, I could save it;
  • but when I renamed this layer I got the error again ;
  • adding again a hosted feature layer, I can save again.
  • trying to save it again without changing, it gives the error again.

Additional, workaround:

  • just adding and new hosted feature layer:
    • Add > choose layer > (+) and than remove it (-) 
    • save map

Doing the steps above in a new map, I can keep saving this map.

  • But as I stated, my layers are in reversed order.
  • Doing the add/remove trick to be able to save the map is also messing up the order of the layers. I noticed that all my (group) layers are in reversed order.
  • Doing add/remove again will put the layers in the right order again.
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Can you share the map and layers with russell_jsapi and I can take a look at the possible issue.

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