Managing offline areas in Field Maps

11-30-2021 12:09 PM
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Hello community,

I am looking for solutions to managing offline data collection in the Field Maps app.  The issue is SIZE!  We collect photos for each data collection point, and once these feature layers reach several thousand points, the map becomes nearly impossible to download as it reaches several gigabytes in size.  This often results in a failed download after an hour or more of trying... sometimes it works after a few attempts, but this has been frustrating for our team.

It's not all bad, as the system works fairly smoothly when the offline map is downloaded at the onset of the project, and is regularly synced throughout.  However, it seems inevitable that a new person or new device comes into the project workflow at some point.

The offline areas we are downloading are around 50-100 acres, so it's really photo management that seems to be the main issue.  We have lowered the photo quality to Medium (Low just doesn't provide anything worthwhile, might as well not even collect photos).  One workaround that we have started doing is just downloading smaller areas within the project where we know we will be working that day, but this is not ideal since other areas end up needing to be visited as well.  I am hoping there is a better solution that someone has found.. 

Thank you!

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I solved it by creating and downloading multiple areas. In you have the possibility to create many offline areas for each webmap (I think max15). The field-operator downloads them all and moves from area to area. When it comes back, it automatically synchronizes them all
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Thank you, and yes this does seem to be the best option.