How to update a hosted feature layer in ArcPro

08-11-2021 04:53 PM
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I am new to ArcOnline and would like to confirm the proper workflow for updating hosted feature layers using ArcPro. In the past I have always pulled down data from ArcOnline using the portal connection, made edits, and then used the "overwrite web layer" tool to save the edits to the hosted feature layer. I think there must be an easier way to save edits made in ArcPro to the hosted feature layer.

Do I simply need to "save edits" in on the hosted feature layer in ArcPro to update the layer on ArcOnline?

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Hi Kate,

If editing is enabled on the feature layer you can " "save edits" in on the hosted feature layer in ArcPro to update the layer on ArcOnline".

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That makes sense. However, I do have a hosted feature layer that I have made edits to, specifically adding new fields and appending data, in ArcPro that appears to be updated in my ArcOnline content. I do NOT have "Enable Editing" checked in the hosted feature layer settings tab. I DO have "Enable Sync" checked. Does that allow edits in the same way?

I do not want the layer to be editable by other users in my organization via ArcOnline. I only want to be able to edit it in ArcPro. 

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Hi Kate, did you figure this out? The editable settings can be managed by layer (turned off and turned off) in "Manage Geometry Updates while you do your edits. Others can only edit your data if 1) they have that user type assigned in their own profile settings and 2) you share the data with them in a way that they have access to it. I share my entire web map with my users because they manage their own data, but your could create a web app and turn off the editing capability on that end so that they can still view it but not edit it. Kristal

Kristal Walsh, Florida Fish and Wildlife
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