Label placement in ArcGIS JS 3.31

04-30-2020 07:04 AM
New Contributor II
We have an issue in the ArcGIS JS 3.31. We are using the built-in SimpleRenderer for rendering labels.
The issue is that labels are always shown in the center of polygon. When geometry has another geometry within it, in the middle, the label for exterior geometry is sometimes shown on the interior polygon (see the screenshot below). It results in getting two labels next to each other and it is hard to identify which label is for which polygon. Is it possible to made the labels to show always in the area of the polygon (and not within the "holes" in it)?
Moreover, labels for multipart polygons are shown in the middle of one of the parts. Sometimes it is shown on one of the smaller ones (see the screenshot below), and we need to have it always on the biggest part. Is it possible to force it?
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