Issues Downloading Open Data stored as CSV

03-24-2021 09:47 AM
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Hi All, 

I have an open data site which can be found here:

I know this could all be streamlined by converting to Hosted Feature Layers, but for the time being i have data available to download as SHP and CSV. 

Due to issues when obtaining the data, some of my CSV's are stored as "CSV" and some as "CSV Collection"

It seems that anything stored as a CSV refuses to download from my open data site. However, if i find the same file in my content I am able to download appropriately. 

Example of file that wont download:


**side note, i've noticed that some of my CSV file do in fact work. The ones that work have a download button that you can click and it directly downloads. The ones that dont work have a download button that opens a dropdown.

Example of file that works:

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