configuring elemtnts baced on point counts to reflect a slection of a plogon

03-24-2021 07:31 AM
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How do I configure an indicator and pie chart based on the count of a point layer to reflect the count within a certain polygon (zone) when the polygon is selected?

I am creating a dashboard with a map, a pie chart, and several indicators. On the map, I have a polygon layer (zones) and a point layer(meters). The indicators and the pie chart show counts of points (meters) based on the meters' attributes. When I select a zone on the map, I want the indicators and the pie chart to change to reflect the points (meters) in the selected area. I have tried to configure filter action on the polygon (zones) via layer action on the map element; however, it does not work. I have tried it on the pie chart and the inductors both with using the spatial and field options. Neither has worked. Looking at the documentation, I could find told me it is done through this method, and thus the documentation is not helping. How do I configure the indicators and pie chart to change the number of points (meters) based on selecting a polygon (zone)?


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