Creating a Web Layer with Sublayers from things already on AGOL

03-22-2021 01:40 PM
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I'm looking for a way to combine hosted layers I already have into one large layer with multiple sublayers from AGOL.

The picture below is an example of what I'm trying to do; it was created by exporting multiple layers together from ArcGIS Pro into one layer. Is this possible to do from just within AGOL?

The alternative would be just re-exporting it from Pro, but I have several Domains set up online and I'm not sure how they'd survive the transitions if I went AGOL->Pro->AGOL, and the alternative would be recreating them if I went Pro-> AGOL.


For reference, I need to change various permissions (editing, syncing), as well share a large number of layers with my Group. The first is very doable, just time intensive, and the second one is, too, but having a lot of layers really clutters things and makes it harder to manage.

As a sidenote: Is it possible to better organize things in groups? Like, folders? Or is Categories the best solution?


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Hi @AlfredBaldenweck,

It's not exactly what you're after, but if these multiple layers hold similar data/domains/schema, what you can do is export the layers to FGDB and then append through AGOL to the first layer (using 'Update' button) . It will put everything in the same layer, and not into multiple layers, but will be easier to manage.

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