Is it possible to link to website URL directly from point feature?

01-02-2020 02:17 PM
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I've made a web map app and the client wants the users to be able to click on a point feature (in this case a city point) in the map that will link directly to the corresponding URL without the use of a pop up window, is this possible in ArcGIS online? The purpose is to eliminate as many button clicks as possible to get from the web map app to the city's website.

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How would you want the user to open the link? By clicking on the feature in the web map?

Could you provide more details about your desired workflow from end to end? If it is search related, there are some ways to open the map with a specific pop-up opened. I don't recommend and it isn't currently possible to have a new URL opened when a feature is clicked on in the map. This allows users can explore the information about a feature that is contained in the pop up. I'm wondering if a web app may help to achieve your workflow.



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What the customer wants is the web map app to be embedded directly into their company web page, and they would like to be able to open the desired URL for a city by clicking the feature in the web map app that I created. The driving force behind this is the elimination of the amount of button clicks it will take users to get from the original website with the embedded web map app to the desired city URL. I have provided him the link to embed for the web map app, but the customer has repeatedly asked if the pop-up can be eliminated (removing one button-click).

So far as I have been able to tell, this is not possible. I know that there is a hover feature available, but that will disrupt the user experience on a mobile device.

I tried to explain to the customer that this likely isn't possible and likely won't be possible because the user experience would be interrupted when using a mobile device, but I'm trying to do my due diligence to see if there is something I'm missing.


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Are there any updates on this question? Curious if this interaction/configuration is possible?   

I am experiencing a similar request from a client, the desire to click on a point (without interacting with a pop-up) that directly takes you to a URL. 

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