Issue with my "global account" being disabled in our org AGOL site

03-22-2021 02:14 PM
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My employer has their own organizational AGOL site.  I've used my personal "esri global account" as my named user account in that site for years.  Now we are migrating to our enterprise SAML/Okta logins for our AGOL named user accounts.  I've gone into our org AGOL site and disabled my old global account named user and now I can't do any of my traditional esri online activities such as my.esri, register for the UC, etc... since those activities are tied to my global account.  I get a login error that says, "your organization has disabled that account".

My question is, how can I reclaim that global account and not have it hooked to that org AGOL site and be disabled for all my esri activities?  What happens if I actually delete that named user?  Will my esri global account go away?  I really don't want to lose that account that I've had, employer agnostic, for decades.  That's the account I use for my esri community posts as well.  Don't want to lose all that.


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Customer service was the only was I could make any progress when I retired.  Some parts went well others less so through no fault of theirs.  You may have to use a new/different email but recovering your user name should be less of an issue.

Good luck.

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Hi Royce, 

This might help. I believe it's the same situation.


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Talked with esri support today.  The issue was that account was still associated with my employer AGOL org site even though it was disabled.  I went ahead and delated that account from the org agol site and now it's back to being my "global, employer agnostic, public" account.  All good.

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