Frequently Asked Questions for Learn ArcGIS

07-10-2020 03:39 AM

Frequently Asked Questions for Learn ArcGIS

What is Learn ArcGIS?

Learn ArcGIS is a collection of free learning resources for ArcGIS, typically in the form of step-by-step lessons modeled after real-world scenarios. Learn ArcGIS offers a free 60-day ArcGIS Online membership, which provides access to the software needed to complete the lessons.


Who is eligible for a free 60-day membership with Learn ArcGIS?

If you are 18 years or older, you can sign up for a membership, provided you have not previously had a Learn ArcGIS membership. If you are not yet 18, your parent or guardian can create an account for you. 


When you sign up, a temporary account is created for you in an ArcGIS Online organization managed by Learn ArcGIS. This account is separate from any other ArcGIS Online account that you may have elsewhere, although different accounts can be linked to make it easier to move between them.


Is this the right type of ArcGIS software access for me?

Esri offers several options for noncommercial use.

  • If you are a higher education student, your school may already have an agreement with Esri that entitles you to a license. Please contact your school’s IT dept/Geography dept/Library to find out. If not, you may be eligible for a free one-year account through our Student Program.
  • ArcGIS public accounts are free and do not expire. With a public account you can create, store, access, and share content, but there are also limitations. For example, you do not have access to analysis tools.
  • ArcGIS for Personal Use is an affordable license for noncommercial use.


Which licenses are included in this membership?

  • (Noncommercial use) ArcGIS Online (web-based software)
  • (Noncommercial use) ArcGIS Online apps: ArcGIS Business Analyst Web and Mobile Apps, ArcGIS Insights, ArcGIS Drone2Map, ArcGIS GeoPlanner, ArcGIS Navigator, and Esri Redistricting
  • (Noncommercial use) ArcGIS Online app bundles: Essential Apps, Field Apps, and Office Apps. See the full descriptions of the app bundles on this page.
  • (Noncommercial use) ArcGIS Pro Advanced (desktop software)
  • (Noncommercial use) ArcGIS Pro extensions: 3D Analyst, Business Analyst, Data Reviewer, Geostatistical Analyst, Image Analyst, Network Analyst, Spatial Analyst, and Workflow Manager
  • 200 ArcGIS Online credits


Does this offer include ArcMap?

No. If you’re new to ArcGIS Pro, try one of these lessons to get started: Get Started with ArcGIS Pro or Migrate from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro.


I have never used ArcGIS before. Where should I start?

Get Started with ArcGIS Online is a great place to start.  


How do I get help? 

Members of Learn ArcGIS are encouraged to get help via The Esri Community, this very website. You can search this site without signing in. To post a question, you will need a free ArcGIS Public account or an Esri enabled ArcGIS organizational account. For more information on those types of accounts, see this question. Please note that Learn ArcGIS members do not have access to Esri Technical Support via their membership. 

Please post questions about the Learn ArcGIS Program on the Learn ArcGIS Questions board. The Learn ArcGIS Team will answer questions about:

  • Learn ArcGIS accounts - those are accounts with user names that have _LearnArcGIS in them
  • Learn lesson questions - please include the name of the lesson, the section name and the step where you need help. If you can include a screenshot, that is most welcome!

Please post questions about software or other topics on the appropriate Questions board. You can search for one using the search bar above. We've listed some of the popular boards below and here's a list of all of Questions boards to browse.

Where can I find training materials?


What are credits?

Credits are consumed by some actions in ArcGIS software products. Your Learn ArcGIS account includes more than enough credits to complete the lessons on Learn ArcGIS and explore on your own.


How do I download ArcGIS Pro?

1. Click Sign in at

2. Type in your Learn ArcGIS user name and password.

3. Click your user name in the upper right corner and choose My Settings.

4. On the Licenses tab, find ArcGIS Pro and click Download.

5. After you have installed ArcGIS Pro, sign in with your Learn ArcGIS user name and password.


How do I know if my computer can run ArcGIS Pro?

If you have a Windows computer, use this test to see if your computer meets the system requirements for ArcGIS Pro.

ArcGIS Pro is not supported on Linux or MacOS, but the software can run on a MacOS machine by dual booting using BootCamp or by running in a virtualization platform that supports the DirectX or OpenGL version required.

 If you cannot run ArcGIS Pro desktop software, consider ArcGIS Online, which runs in a web browser. Try the Get Started with ArcGIS Online lesson.


I am having trouble signing in to or licensing ArcGIS Pro.

If you see one of the following messages, complete the steps below:

The username you entered is not a member of this organization.

Your account could not be used to authorize ArcGIS Pro because it is an ArcGIS Public Account.

Invalid username or password. ArcGIS Pro wants to access your ArcGIS Online account information.

The number of licenses assigned to the user exceeds the number available in my organization.

1. Click Configure your licensing options

2. Set License Type to Named User License.

3. Choose ArcGIS Online and set the URL to


4. If a window appears asking you to close ArcGIS Pro, click OK.

5. Start ArcGIS Pro.

6. Sign in with your Learn ArcGIS user name and password.

You may find further solutions in the ArcGIS Desktop Installation support group.


What happens to my content after the membership ends?

Then the membership ends, all the content you've stored in ArcGIS Online will be deleted and the software licenses revoked. We are sorry but we cannot provide extensions. We will send e-mail reminders half-way through and a week before the account expiration. Please look for them and plan ahead if you want to save any of your content (maps, apps, etc.) or your training history (including current progress in web courses and Esri MOOCs). This document reviews the options.


I am stuck on the registration page and unable to create a Learn ArcGIS account.

Try the link again using a different web browser. (


What should I do if my invitation to join Learn ArcGIS has expired?

Send an email to with “expired invitation” and your username in the subject line. Check your email for a message from ArcGIS Notifications to reset your password. Once you update your password, you’ll be able to access your Learn ArcGIS account.


How do I reset my password?

1. Go to and click Sign In.

2. On the ArcGIS login panel, click Forgot password.

    You will receive an email with a temporary password.

3. Go to and click Sign In.

4. On the ArcGIS login panel, sign in with your user name and the temporary password.

    You will then be asked to change your password.

    Note: If you did not set a security questions the first time you signed in, you may experience a delay.


How do I find my user name?

1. Go to and click Sign In.

2. On the ArcGIS login panel, click Forgot username.

3. Enter the email address you used to register.

    You’ll receive a list of all accounts associated with that email. Use the one that ends with _LearnArcGIS.


Esri Access is disabled on my account. What does that mean?

1. You may see a message that says: "Your active ArcGIS organizational account xxx_LearnArcGIS is not enabled for websites" when you sign in to websites like There is no problem. Your account is set up correctly. 


2. "Esri Access is disabled" or "Esri Access is not enabled" means that your _LearnArcGIS account cannot be used to access websites that include in their URLs. You can, and we encourage you, to access those websites with a free ArcGIS public account that will never expire. You may already have an ArcGIS Public account! 

  • These instructions detail how to find out if you have an ArcGIS public account. If you have one, use it to access websites like or this website,   
  • If you do not have an ArcGIS public account, you can create one at
  • If you want to link your _LearnArcGIS account to your public account, which makes it easier to flip between them, there are instructions here to do so.
  • Why is Esri Access disabled? Remember that your _LearnArcGIS account will expire at the end of your membership term and all the content will be deleted. If you take Esri training courses (including MOOCs) you'll want to keep a record of them. That's why we insist you to use an ArcGIS public account that will not expire for those courses. 


3.  If you see "Your active ArcGIS organizational account xxx_LearnArcGIS is not enabled for websites," here's how to reach the site you seek:


4. We recently switched off Esri Access, so you may have some training history saved in your now "Esri-disabled" _LearnArcGIS account. To move those records to your ArcGIS public account, you can make a request to Here's a template to use for the request:

Hello Esri Accounts! 

I request your help moving my Esri training history from my Learn ArcGIS organizational account with user name [put _LearnArcGIS account user name here] to my ArcGIS public account with user name [put ArcGIS public account user name here].

I understand that once the move is made, my Esri training history will be accessed via the ArcGIS public account.

Thank you! 

Learn ArcGIS Member 

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