How to set webmap max zoom greater than 19?

02-17-2015 10:41 AM
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I think this is a bug, but I'll start out as a question.

I want to make a web map using tiles stored in mapbox.

Notice how you can zoom into zoom level 21 in the mapbox viewer.

When I add the mapbox tiles to a web map (Add Layer from web> Tile Layer) I'm limited to zoom level 19.

Using the javascript api, I'm able to workaround by creating the layer first, adding lods to it, then using the lods to create the map and a new layer.

I'd really like to be able to use an arcgis online webmap to mapbox drone imagery at zoom levels greater than 19 in a webmap.

Is this a bug?

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HI Kirk,

The web map's zoom level is determined by the available zoom levels established in the basemap.

The basemap in the webmap above is the topographic basemap which has 20 Levels of Detail. In order to zoom in further, you will need to create a tiled map service with your desired Level of Details and set that as the basemap in the web map. Please note, in order to change the available scale in a created webmap, you will need to hit save and refresh the map to make the new scale avaialble for use.

For this information and more basemap considerations, check out the documentation below:

Choose basemap—ArcGIS Online Help | ArcGIS



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Hi Kelly -

Thanks for the fast reply.  Still no luck though.

I opened a new map, then did "Add Layer from web", chose "A Tile Layer".

Populated with https://{subDomain}{level}/{col}/{row}.png?access_token=pk.eyJ1IjoidmFzdXBwb3J0I...

I entered a,b for subdomains.

Checked "use as basemap".

After adding it, the extent was set to entire world - not to the extent of the layers.  So I added an Esri layer, zoomed into where my tiles appeared, then removed the esri layer.  I could not zoom closer than 19.  I saved the map, then reopened it, but still could NOT zoom closer than 19.

Here's the map

Side note: a LOT of people are starting to use drones for mapping.  The ebee drone has software that allows someone to easily publish ortho rectified maps to MapBox.  ArcGIS Online needs to support a user story for drone mapping - where user can zoom to 21.  Something similar to this blog article:

Creating Maps From Drone Imagery | Mapbox

Again, the mapbox viewer can zoom to 21.

Thanks, Kirk

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Here's another user story worth I'd like to see described using ArcGIS Online - fly a village with a drone, georectify, upload to AGOL, then digitize a village.  (At zoom level 21).

ReMap Lima: ReMapLima Drone aerial for Tracing in OpenStreetMap

The ebee collects pointclouds that can be used for 3D, but I don't see many people doing that.  Would be great if AGOL supported some sort of workflow that would support bare earth DEM creation.

Thoughts Bernie Szukalski‌ ?


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The zoom level need to be changed where it does not limit the zoom in on a web app. We are getting detail from small UAVs that are very detailed when zoomed in at 1:120. The trick by Kirk works but limits the base map availability.

Mark Paulson

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hey kelly

do you know if there is a way to limit the zoom in for a spesific web map?

to configure the webmap so users will not be able to zoom in more then street level?


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