How can you set up a link to a pdf file stored in sharepoint via arcgis online ?

08-04-2019 10:11 AM
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So what I wanna do: 

I have an excel file with drilling points accros the country with information about each point. I have this file stored in a map in sharepoint. Currently I have made a feature service out of it via arcgis pro and uploaded to arcgis online.

There are also some reports in a pdf file in sharepoint that I want to link to all these drilling points. 

Is there a way to have a link to the report when you open the popup of a point in arcgis online ??

Do I need to make an extra field in the excel file called links and put the links of the pdf in there ??

Or can I make links via arcgis pro ??

It is important that I can update the feature service because there is weekly new data that needs to be updated.

Hope you can help me!

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Hi Jamil Hazim‌,

Will you be updating the Hosted Feature Layer regularly?

No matter the workflow you end up going with, I think you will want to have an attribute field that stores the links. This way within the ArcGIS Online Web Map, each feature will display the link to the corresponding PDF in the pop-up window. 

Hope this helps,


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Hi Peter Klingman‌, 

This question is somewhat related to your above answer but seems unclear in the documentation. 

When a file is geotagged to an ArcGIS Online Feature Layer via ArcGIS Maps for SharePoint- is the file then stored as an attachment in the AGOL Feature Layer and fully accessible to AGOL web maps and Pro Maps? Or is the geotagged document and feature layer only accessible in ArcGIS Maps for Sharepoint?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Amanda Huber‌,

Are you referring to this documentation? 

Geotag documents—ArcGIS Maps for SharePoint | ArcGIS 

The file is not stored as an attachment to the Feature Layer and would only be accessible in ArcGIS Maps for Sharepoint. Hope that helps!


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