AGOL automatic calculations on hosted feature layer?

11-26-2019 08:03 AM
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Is there a way to set up automatic calculations (concatenate) on a specific field? I have 3 hidden fields that I would like to equal the values from other required fields that the users will be entering data into.

Example: locationID field equals SiteID + area_designation + areaID

I was hoping to not have to manually calculate the data every time a feature is added to the layer.

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Hi Claire Peterson,

You can user Arcade to populate and calculate data for new field. Please check this link, will provide more information. Create Custom Field Calculations Using Arcade Expressions 

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Hi Hamed Farzin,

I had stumbled upon this link earlier but it looks like this has to be manually done every time new data is added to the feature layer - unless I am missing something? I was hoping to have these calculations done automatically so I don't have to check the data every day and perform the calculation. Similar to how you can set up calculations on fields in Survey123

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I have been reading more on attribute rules and took a look at them in Pro - this is exactly what I need but this doesn't seem to be available in ArcGIS Online? Is that true or is there a work around to add attribute rules to a hosted feature layer? 

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Hi Claire Peterson‌ ~

Have you seen/up-voted this idea yet? 

Also, you are right that Arcade field calculations are not dynamic when new features are added. I think the closest you might get in this situation is create an Arcade expression to concatenate the hidden fields in a pop-up. This will dynamically update when new features are added. 

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Hi Peter Klingman‌,

I had not seen this before - thank you! I have up-voted this idea.

I had thought about displaying this in a pop-up but I would need this information to also be displayed in the table so it is available to users when they export the data.