How can I find out the last time a feature service was published?

12-05-2019 01:05 PM
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I have an existing published feature service. In the item details I can see a Created date and an Updated date. When does the updated date change? When the service gets re-published (overwritten)? Or, when something else about that service changes? It did not change when I edited the summary on the item details page.

Is there another way to find out when a service was republished?

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Hi Mike Onzay‌,

Updated date would reflect changing edit settings or another item setting, and also overwrite. Data updated date (towards the middle right of the page) would show overwrite or any edits made to the Feature Layer. Because other operations can affect these timestamps, they aren't reliable ways of finding when a service is overwritten.

Is it being overwritten from ArcGIS Pro?

If this is the case, the best way to see when a service was republished is the audit log (Organization > Overview > Download Activity Log) or programatically through the History API: Portal History—ArcGIS REST API: Users, groups, and content | ArcGIS for Developers  Once this log downloaded, you can filter by the item ID and look for an "add" operation of a .sd file. This would occur right before an update on the service's item id. The two side-by-side would be indicative of an overwrite from Pro. See a screenshot of the audit log for an overwrite below: 

Hope that helps,


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