Error when uploading File Geodatabase as Hosted Feature Layer

01-27-2021 03:47 PM
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I've been trying to upload FEMA's flood hazard data into ArcGIS Online as a Hosted Feature Layer. The data is a File Geodatabase, so I've zipped all the files within the .gdb and then I upload that .zip as a Hosted Feature Layer. It uploads but then comes up with a pop-up that simply says "An error has occurred." 

The hosted layer is there in My Content, but when I try to add it to a map it doesn't load onto there and says there's an error drawing it onto the map.

I have tried uploading the zipfile that was downloaded directly from FEMA ("NFHL_36_20201229" in the attached photo), and also opening up the .gdb folder within the .zip ("NFHL_36_20201229.gdb" in the attached photo) and selecting everything inside and zipping that. 

Am I doing something wrong with zipping the .gdb files? Or could this be another issue?




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Looking at the screenshots is a little confusing. I would try the following:

  • Make sure there is no "zip" file in the NFHL_36_20201229.gdb folder
  • Zip the NFHL_36_20201229.gdb folder (not the contents the folder), like in the 4.41.14PM screenshot
  • Do not include the XML file in that above screenshot


--- George T.
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Thanks for your tips! It ended up working after I redownloaded and just uploaded the zipfile.

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