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01-11-2017 08:36 AM
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Hi All, 

I have developed a Map Application on ArcGIS Online, and the client would like me to extract information about the usage data (i.e. how many people are viewing the site and pages per day).  I have found that this information is available in the "Usage" tab of the application (found in My Content in my Esri account).  I am able to choose "Custom Date Range" and use the drop down menus to specify the dates for a one day range at a time.  Here is a picture to help clarify (I am interested in the "Views this Period" data point):

The Question: Is there a place where I can access this raw data? If not, has anyone found an automated way to get this data from the site?  I don't want to manually do this for 4 months worth of data.  I'm not really familiar with scraping website data, but a couple people have mentioned RSelenium.  Any other advice?

Thank you! 

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I would take a look at some of the admin tools and resources to see if you can find what you need

ArcGIS Online admin tools available on GitHub | ArcGIS Blog 

Home · Esri/ago-admin-wiki Wiki · GitHub 

Tools · Esri/ago-admin-wiki Wiki · GitHub 

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HI Elena,

Thanks for the question and sharing your workflow.

There is currently no out of the box functionality to download the data from the ArcGIS Online interface nor is there a documented API for this information. I suggest logging or supporting and idea on‌ for consideration in future releases of the software.