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Convert Definition Query Expression for use in AGO/Portal

03-23-2022 09:43 AM
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Hello Everyone,

Just trying to inquire if there is a way to convert an SQL Definition Query Expression (originally set up in ArcMap with related tables) into an AGO / PORTAL Web Map environment with published services.

The following expression takes parcel features and selects them by a particular activity from tables in a two level relationship class.  This function varies according to each activity type required.

PAMS_PIN in (select PAMS_PIN from dep.dep.Cad_TL_PINumbers_Composite where PI_Number in (select PI_Number from dep.dep.Cad_TL_Activities where Activity_Class_Code = 'TDG'))

We would like to adapt this to newly published services for the parcels and the related tables using a spatial filter on the service. We know there is an Arcade expression feature in the Change Style option, but that does seem to have access to both table attributes. Also, is there a solution via AGO Assistant?

Here is a screen shot for the related tables and the associated GIS layer.


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