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Cancel purchased individual account

05-20-2023 12:10 AM
Occasional Contributor

Hi All,

I purchased an individual account two years ago, it's expired after one year. Although almost all features are disabled but the esri keeps counting credits on me.

I want to cancel or delete it, but I cant figure it how!

I really appreciate fi someone knows how to cancel/delete an individual account?

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Thanks for the reply, but that post is mine, too.

Unfortunately, I have not found the solution. my account is still locked to an expired subscription, not able to renew neither canceled/delete it.

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Esri Contributor

I would recommend contacting your local distributor to ask for assistance. The credit count will still be depleted as long as there is content in the organisation so you will need help from your distributor to resolve this.


I hope this helps!

~Just trying to fix things~
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