Can I migrate members of one group to another

07-01-2021 10:49 PM
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Hi there

We have been testing a app that has required use to create two groups. One for testing purposes, and then one for when we go live with the app. We have about 60 members in the training group, but will have to migrate them all to the "Live Group" soon.

Is there any way that you can move members in bulk from one group to another, or do you have to do them individually? I cannot seem to figure it out.





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To "move" them, there's not a simple built-in tool for that, but on the Invite Users page on a given group, you can filter the list of org users based on membership in another group.


So, for instance, I can click Select all on page with the "Training Group" filtered, then invite those users into the "Live Group".

Removing the users from the training group would be its own step.

That said, if you're comfortable with a bit of Python, this would all be possible in a few lines of code, both adding and removing group membership. I can elaborate on that if you like.

- Josh Carlson
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This is perfect! Thanks for the help


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