Creating relationships in AGOL without Arcgis Pro?

05-28-2021 10:12 AM
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Is it possible to create relationship classes in AGOL without using Arcgis Pro? How does someone do this if they don't have a pro license for example? 

I realise it's possible to use the analysis tool to create a hosted join layer but it's not quite the same and you end up with a separate feature layer for each join. 

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Not that I can see. Hopefully it's on the road map.


I think it was an Idea but you could vote for it here. I tried searching and it did not come up.


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You can do it by adding to the definition . You need to build the relationship in json and the layer you want to add to the feature service and add it to your feature service definition. I have done it before but you need to be careful as it's not a supported workflow . I have a document describing it in more detail I ll share it with you next time i am at my desktop. Some links below as well 

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That would be great thanks. I found this article which mentions the ability to add or delete relationships through the REST API but it says that's it's not recommended.


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Hi Paul,

Could you possible send me the more detailed document as well? I'm really interested! 

Thanks in advance,


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