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Calculate intersecting area & respond to filter / selector

10-15-2023 07:49 AM
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I've got an arcade expression that works in a web map -- it calculates the percentage of overlap between our City Limits and a drive time layer.  This is working well, apply a filter to drive time layer and the percent overlap updates as expected. 

Next, I want take that map into a dashboard (or any other app - but there are other requirements like filtering multiple layers with one filter statement). And the workflow would ideally be -- the user filters the drive times and the calculation for percentage of overlap responds... and the user doesn't have to click the map to get the new result. Ideally - the percent overlap would show in an indicator or details element and reflect any changes in filters applied to the drive time layer.

Is this possible without clicking to view the pop up again?  Maybe I could put the overlap calculation somewhere else and it would work?

What I've noticed is that in dashboard, the pop up arcade does not respect the selector filtering on the drive time layer. In ExB - it does respect a filter, but I don't see a way to make the feature details widget refresh... user has to click the map > show pop up > get updated calculation.

Thanks for any ideas you've got!

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