Is there a way to filter feature view based on username?

10-09-2020 07:30 AM
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Is there any way to control layer views based on username without creating individual hosted view layers for each user? We have a species distribution dataset which is continually updated from a Survey123 form populated by multiple organisational and community users. We would like to be able to set up views based on an individual's username, in a way that the view automatically changes depending on who is logged in, without creating individual hosted view layers for each user (this would be in the hundreds). Is this possible? E.g., to display a webmap with all the data on it but certain users can only see their own records and not other users? Would this be possible through something like URL parameters, where the webmap automatically detects the username of the person logged in and passes URL parameters to display only records from that person?

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Hi Rob, Did you ever find an solution for this? 

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Hi @IanGallo ,

Sorry for the slow reply. The only workaround I have found so far is to give the users access to a hosted view layer of the data, in which 'Editors can only see their own features' is enabled in the Settings. This appears to work even when editing is turned off. Users accessing the layer then only see the features that they created when signed in with that username (e.g. via Survey123).

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Just dropping a comment here for more visibility. This would be a very useful feature!

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Really need canned RLS functionality, kind of ridiculous.