Assistance required in generating tiles for ArcGIS Online

05-06-2020 01:32 AM
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I am using ArcGIS Pro 2.5 on my system to generate the tiles offline to prevent the consumption of credits on ArcGIS Online.

Main Requirement:

  1. To have base maps generated depicting boundaries of a single country at all zoom levels to be in turn consumed in various Maps on ArcGIS Online. Unable to create tiles for the effective rendering of baselayers 
  2. Restrict zoom on 2 levels one on country level another one at the state level. The map will be integrated into a particular Dashboard on ArcGIS Online. Unable to find a solution for restricting the zooming of maps to 2 levels. 
  3. Generate tile for depicting data layers in choropleth maps and automate the data feed process. Concern: If I am creating the tiles offline and publishing it to ArcGIS Online, how will I automate the data feeding process to these layers?
  4. If I use a vector tile layer for the base map and want to display a pop-up using an associated feature layer, I am setting up the pop-ups in ArcGIS Pro desktop, but unable to publish it back to ArcGIS Online so that this updated layer could be used in existing maps. What is the possible way of doing so? 
  5. I have multiple layers designed in a map on ArcGIS Online and I am consuming it through Operations Dashboard, I want to turn off and on a layer based on user selection in a drop-down and not through layer visibility functionality of the map.  Is there a way to switch layers in a map based on a dropdown selection on Operations Dashboard?
  6. On ArcGIS Online, I have a map depicting several layers and if I turn off the visibility of layer in Operations Dashboard, I want to filter the charts based on the layer currently visible. What is the feasible option to achieve this?
  7. In Operation Dashboard, I need to have a selector to alter the visibility of charts based on user input. Can I alter the visibility of charts based on user-selection?

Approach Tried

  • The creation of tiles at all zoom levels on ArcGIS Online. For these requirements not desirable as credits will be consumed.
  • Publishing a map as a tile layer for all possible scales is a lengthy process for minimum scale ranges(like Continent to Metropolitan Areas) it's taking 4 hrs. 
  • Use of Create Map Tile Package geoprocessing tool in ArcGIS Pro 2.5 is not generating files in the desired format i.e. (.tpk and .tpkx). A folder structure is generated as depicted in the screenshot attached.

    Tile folder contains

    There are .bundle files in each of these folders.
    Can anyone suggest how could I upload these to ArcGIS Online or why I am not able to generate compressed files as mentioned in the given document section Build a tile package in ArcGIS Pro and upload to your organization
  • Tried using Publish large tile packagesI am able to follow 2 steps from the document on the 3rd step(Run Export Tile Cache to create the tile package.), I kept my system running for more than 8 hours unable to see any progress and after a while, ArcGIS Pro 2.5 desktop didn't respond and it shut down automatically, and my changes were lost for the project.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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