Hide Attribute Table when Feature Service is opening in ArcGIS Desktop

02-12-2020 02:43 AM
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Hi there!

I created a Feature Service and a Web Map with it. A Viewer can open Feature service in ArcGIS Desktop.

I need to hide some fields of an attibute table (or ALL fields) when Viewer looks through my service in ArcGIS Desktop.

First of all, I created Hosted Layer of my Feature Service and hid some fields. Its were hidden in ArcGIS Desktop, but its were hidden at Web Map too!

Can I at the same time hide fields of Feature Service in ArcGIS Desktop and show it in Web Map?

Or can I forbid to open my Feature Service in ArcGIS Desktop and allow to look it only in Web Map?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Elena Avdeeva‌,

Have you looked into creating a hosted feature layer view and defining the fields? Set hosted feature layer view definition—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation 

Hope this helps,


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