Vector Tile Popups

02-14-2017 08:29 AM
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I'd like to see the same option to enable popups on vector tiles that is available on tile layers. Currently if you're using a traditional cache tiled layer you can select a sublayer and enable popups by pointing it to an equivalent feature service. The same should be available on vector tiles.

Currently there is a large functionality gap in ArcGIS Online:

Dynamic data with low feature count  = Feature Layer

Static data with high feature count = Tiled Layer

Dynamic data with high feature count = ?

This is the role previously used by dynamic map services, however those are only available via an internal ArcGIS Server. Hosted vector tiles work perfectly for this and perform incredibly well, but without the popup functionality they're basically alternative basemaps instead of useful operational layers.



There have already been discussions about that, and I really hope that this is under consideration 🙂

Can you have attributes display for Vector Tiles? 

And actually, already a similar (same?) idea: Vector Tile Layers Querying/Legends 

cc Kelly Gerrow

by Anonymous User

Vector tile popups would solve my viewer performance issue with services which are used by many people at a time. That issue is, visual display of layers lagging in a WAB viewer, from many users accessing a service with a heavy layer, as currently they're dynamic.

Ideally, this would be a standard turn-key workflow: I publish layers as vector tile, throw them into a webmap and Web App Builder app and presto, popups. How it works under the hood, is fine. Perhaps having companion featureservice layers or something akin to this. Ideally they'd be linked so it would work like dynamic map services at least for popups and getting data, in webmaps and WAB. Just like dynamic map services, but far faster under load for displaying. I know the tiles are just visual but that is my issue, when for example many users load the flood zones for the entire coast of our state and start zooming and panning. I also would like it to work with WAB LayerList modification that enables popups on all layers. And I'd host the tiles on-premise in 10.51 Portal.

edit: I just attended the Vector Tile discussion. While popups are indeed on the roadmap, I think the more appropriate layer type to use for most of my viewers will be a WebGL Feature Layer, for operational layers. The ability to style vector tiles is great though and we will probably create some inhouse basemaps with vector tiles as well.  I'll be experimenting with both.


Thanks Kevin,

Vector Tile Pop ups are on the roadmap for 2018. They won't be available in the April update of ArcGIS Online, but we'll update you on when we have a firm release date for this functionality.




Thanks for letting us know that it wont be in April. Expectations attenuated.

Are you able to comment on which AGOL update it will be available in?




Is the any chance it will it make the 10.6.1 release of Portal for ArcGIS?



is there any update on the release of this functionality?



Is the popup for the vector tiled layers in Arcgis Online in the release planning?

by Anonymous User

Here is like my "in a perfect world" idea..... I'd like to see vector tiles with a feature layer behind it, so vector tile is for display, feature layer provides attributes for popups or queries. It "just works".  I know ideally it would be one layer/service but the way it has been architectured to date this would probably be more feasible near term. Long story short, feature layers are slow, webGL is not a replacement, and dynamic layers are also slow when servers are under load. End users want fast. Developers are time-limited. I do not have time to tile everything, set up a complex universe of scripts to tile stuff and so forth and seamlessly put feauture layers in the background etc for popups and queries.  Perhaps with Arc 10.7 or the next-gen AGOL this kind of concept will be a possibility?

And I say this only because, at first...I thought popups now coming to Vector Tiles would mean they work sort of like this right off the bat, almost as a dynamic layer does now (except blazingly fast!!!!) But from my understanding at Dev Conf the popups will not be "real" popups. Or maybe, that is what Esri are really and truly adding?  Will they now basically be one seamless vector tile layer that supports full popups just like a feature layer or dynamic layer?


Updated timeline?