Vector Tile Layers Querying/Legends

Idea created by deleted-user-wgzH2d-p_0_f on Nov 17, 2016

    Would love to see the capability to query vector tile layers and to see the symbology in ArcOnline legends.  Currently, I am creating a vector tile layer and also a feature layer.  I'm making the feature layer transparent so I can still get the functionality of the vector tile layer (fast drawing) with the capability of querying.  However, this results in two layers I have to remember to turn on, and it makes it hard for non-GISers to understand.  As for the symbology, I think we're just hoping that people won't need to see what the individual symbols mean at a small scale.  Our only other option is to make a static legend in the map window, but it will be quite large, and users don't always need to see it.