Vector Tile Popups

02-14-2017 08:29 AM
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I'd like to see the same option to enable popups on vector tiles that is available on tile layers. Currently if you're using a traditional cache tiled layer you can select a sublayer and enable popups by pointing it to an equivalent feature service. The same should be available on vector tiles.

Currently there is a large functionality gap in ArcGIS Online:

Dynamic data with low feature count  = Feature Layer

Static data with high feature count = Tiled Layer

Dynamic data with high feature count = ?

This is the role previously used by dynamic map services, however those are only available via an internal ArcGIS Server. Hosted vector tiles work perfectly for this and perform incredibly well, but without the popup functionality they're basically alternative basemaps instead of useful operational layers.


by Anonymous User

Yes, but it also crashes them. Or it did last time I checked.  Too many web workers bug.  I'm also aware of PBF.  I just need layers to have current geometry and attributes and deliver REST endpoints with fast performance.


We need this functionality too. See an example from OpenLayers with a basemap from ArcGIS Online :

Attribute names and values are already in the tiles. Javascript API should be able to use them.


This is needed!

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Much needed! Can this be added to ArcGIS Enterprise at the same time too?


Any update?


Since the new MapViewer is officially released New Map Viewer in General Availability (, will it be easier for ESRI to implement this? I could live with a feature unique to 4.x ArcGIS API for JavaScript... But this is definitely needed for ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise!


Is there any update to this? I had been told by an ESRI Rep that it was being implemented with the new Map Viewer, but I don't see any documentation on it (which makes me think it's again been moved off the roadmap?)


As I state in this posting it's clearly indicated as a feature in ESRI help doc, but I'm unable to get anything working. I've followed the directions in this article that states if you choose the option to cache online or on the server:

"A vector tile layer is shared with an associated feature layer. The feature layer supports editing, querying features outside the current view, and richer statistics."

I've since cached a layer online. It did indeed generate an associated Feature Service and via the settings for the AGOL item I am able to "Configure Attributes: Select the attributes to include in the vector tiles". 

Sadly however now that cache has rebuilt itself I still get no access to attributes. 




Please move this from the BACKLOG and put back under "real" consideration.

Hard to figure out which ideas post to reply to as there is a plethera of similar/same idea posts for the last 7 years, and this still gets no attention/response.

From the documentation: "At this time, attributes in vector tiles are only used in custom applications created using third-party software."

Interesting that ESRI incorporates something that "others" can take advantage of but doesn't have anything 'smart' enough to utilize it themselves.......