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Public Notification widget export map option

07-03-2018 02:28 PM
Status: Open
Regular Contributor

Add an option to the Public Notification widget to be able export and download a map in addition to the mail labels or CSV file. It would be helpful to be able to:

  • set the print service URL for the export in the widget settings, so we can point it to a custom print service that has custom layout templates
  • test for custom print parameters and add input fields as necessary
  • set the symbology for the area of interest, buffer polygon, and selected features in the widget settings

The Public Notification widget is great for getting the information needed to do mail outs for public notices. However, we also create a location map to send out with the public notice so that our citizens can easily identify the area in question. Adding the ability export a map directly from the widget would be a huge help.


This would be a great enhancement! Have you submitted this as a request Joshua Young? I do not currently have an ArcGIS Server account so this feature would greatly help support my workflows. As of right now, I don't think we can extend the print widget to include these features without publishing templates to ArcGIS Server. 


As an alternative, it would be great if the selection stayed active when you switch to the Print widget. Either way, we definitely want a way to export a map in addition to a CSV for the same reasons that the original poster expressed.


Amy Roust‌ I did find a work around for that. If you change the template (I believe to jewelry box) the selection stays active and you can print the buffer and results that buffered. I did this in developer so I'm not sure if you change it out of the box. Also, you can dig into the code and change the part I think the line is "destroy" that removes the selection when you switch to print. But just changing the layout template worked well. 


I figured submitting this idea was the "request" to the local government team to look at this functionality. Does the local government team have their own feedback process?

You are correct that you have to have an ArcGIS Server instance to use custom print templates (which is another issue that I wish Esri would sort out), but I figure that it would be no different than the current print widget. That way people than can use custom print services have the option to do so.


I also assumed that the Local Government Team would be combing Ideas to see what's out there. Maybe we should tag some local government people just to be safe? Scott Oppmann‌, Heather Eisan,‌ Matt Bullock.‌

This enhancement should be available in ArcGIS Online -- no server needed. We don't need a custom print template - if the out of the box widget could retain the buffers created by the Public Notification Tool, we'd be good to go.

Side note, I agree that it would be nice to be able to make custom print templates without publishing to our own server. Would be nice to have a WYSIWYG interface to set up the layout. But that's for another Idea....


I agree that having the ability to print a map showing the area of interest, buffer polygon, and selected features in the print widget settings would be very helpful.  This map is an essential part of our workflow and records.


Has there been any work on adjusting this widget to give it the capacity to print the map of the selected parcels, buffer, etc.? Or has anyone came up with a work-around? It would be quite useful to print the map along with the mailing list.