Network analysis problem

03-31-2011 08:19 AM
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I'm trying to use the "New route" tool in ArcGIS, but it doesn't work. The error message says
"Warning: No route from location "Graphic Pick 1" to location "Graphic Pick 2".
Error: No solution found.", which is not very informative. I have no idea where I should start troubleshooting.

My network dataset is based on a shapefile from OSM data from haiti.

I'm new to network analysis, so it might be a really silly mistake I've done.. Thanks for all help!

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Hi Jorgen !

The problem that you have can be cause your shapefile (lines) is not correctly connected, at least between the two points that you have. I mean, maybe there is a broken line between the two points y for that reason it says that " Route nor found "

First try to locate two points in a place where you know that the line is not broken to verify that your shapefile it´s ok.

Greetings !
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Thanks for the input

I tried this, and sometimes it works (for shorter distances), but mostly the routefinder says there is no possible route even though the points are obviously connected. This is a city, so in many cases there should be plenty of possible routes, but the routefinder says there is none.

For some of the paths, I've noticed that there is no junctions where to lines are crossing, this can be the reason for a few of the incidents, but even in that case, it should be able to make another route around.

Is it possible that the lines are not connected even though they share a junction? I'm confused.

I've uploaded my shapefiles and analysis dataset to here if someone wants to check out. The source of data is openstreetmap.
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I've uploaded my shapefiles and analysis dataset to here if someone wants to check out. The source of data is openstreetmap.

I downloaded your data and was able to build a Network dataset with the data.  There are three issues to be aware of:

1.  OSM data establishes connectivity between streets by looking for coincident vertexes.  This is not the default connectivity policy for the Network Datasets but this connectivity policy can be changed.  In ArcCatalog you can right click on your already built Haiti network dataset, select properties, enable the Connectivity tab of the Network Dataset properties and change the Connectivity policy for your roads_cut source from "End Point" to "Any Vertex".

2. The FT_Meters and TF_Meters fields have been incorrectly calculated.  The field values seem to be too small by a factor of ten thousand (10000).  You can simply use the Calculate Field GP tool to multiply the current values by 10000 to make them correct (unless there is some reason to leave them as they are).

3. I am unclear on exactly how OSM data intends the oneway field to be used but it seems clear that a field value of "1" means a road can be traversed only in the digitized direction.  The default oneway attribute that is generated by the Network Dataset wizard will be incorrect.  To fix this you need to:

  • Bring up the Network Dataset properties

  • Go to the Attributes tab

  • Click on the Oneway attribute to select it

  • Click on the Evaluators button on the right of the dialog

  • Click on the From-To evaluator

  • Click on the Evaluator Properties button to the right (the button with the hand on it)

  • Once you click on the Evaluator Properties button a dialog will appear and you should set the "Value = " portion of the dialog to simply say "false"

  • Click Ok to close the dialog

You will need to rebuild your Network Dataset after you make these changes.  You can do this through the build Network Dataset GP tool or by adding the Network Dataset to ArcMap, enabling the Network Analyst toolbar and pressing the Build Network Dataset button on the toolbar.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks alot brother, I faced the same problem with opm data but it has been solved...


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Thank you so much, dsterling! I will look at this tomorrow at work and check it out.

This GIS-project is a part of a sanitation project at Haiti, aiming to sanitize toiletwater, recycle the nutrients and avoid cholera exposure. This is a part of the logistic work, aiming to make an efficient way of gather toilet water and transport it to farms. Thanks again for the help
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Tested it now, works like a charm:) Thanks a lot!
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i am working on my dissertation and i am comparing the impact of network analysis on different data set like open street map, Edina UK and etc.. For me the problem is that i can not directly do network analysis on OSM data.
I found this link
Anyone have idea that how can i get this one
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When you click on the second link (on you see a picture or map towards the top left. Below that is a link that says "Open". Click on that and it will open a layer package which will start ArcMap and open in it.

If you can't get that to work then try using the following link:

Since you are working on a dissertation on impact of Network Analyst, I would be interested in learning more about it.

Jay Sandhu
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Thanks too,
I faced the same problem and solve it through your approach.
thanks a lot.
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