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Monitoring Web Services

06-17-2019 04:30 PM
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Hi all

I'm after some advice around monitoring ArcGIS Server services.

I'm fairly new to GIS, but I've had plenty of painful experience with monitoring from an infrastructure point of view in the past and have often found that performance monitoring too early is the thing that creates alert fatigue.

I wanted, therefore to focus first on availability of services over performance.

I have added an ArcGIS Server to the monitor and out of the box, it does a great job. It automatically picks up all the map server web services and lists them in the monitor.

I'd like to configure some simple alerts to show whether these services are in a started or stopped state, but that's not an option. It looks like you can only alert on the performance of a web service (free, busy, max etc), not its "state".

It seems like this should be a fairly simple thing for the monitor to do. Am I missing something?

Any help or advice is gratefully received.



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Hi Matt,

In ArcGIS Monitor 10.7, we added alert options for started or stopped state of a service. When the service is set to running, value is 1. When the service's state is stopped, value is 0. To set an alert for a stopped service named Portland10 for example, you would set:

Alert example

Best Regards,


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Is there a definition as to what "Configured State" means?  


In my mind, if a service is created and set to start and is running, then that would give a value of 1.  Now if that service should happen to stop, say the arcgis server service is recycled.  When it cycles through and starts all of the map services and a service isn't able to start for some reason, that would give a value of 0.  


Now say, I go into ArcCatalog or Server manager and stop a service manually, should that give a value of 1 or 0?  I would think that would mean it is configured to be stopped.  In my testing though, Monitor is flagging that configured state as an alert.  


I hope that made some sense, I am just confused by it and can't seem to find any information on it.  


Thank you,


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