ArcGIS Monitor 10.7.1 - paging file usage & memory leak?

06-22-2020 03:56 PM
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We are experiencing slow increases in memory usage on our ArcGIS Monitor VM. Once it reaches ~75% memory usage the paging file usage for that VM also slowly begins to increase as well. If this is left unattended the Monitor instance becomes unstable, crashes and requires a reboot. Once restarted the application stack restores correctly and behaves normally. The resolution to it is to ensure we reboot the Monitor VM every fortnight or so.

It is highly likely this issue is due to my infrastructure environment and/or custom extensions we are calling from the app.

Has anyone else encountered similar issues?

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Something may be interfering with the normal operation of ArcGIS Monitor (AGM) and hanging its underlying processes that run periodically. Do you have any anti-virus or endpoint security software running on the ArcGIS Monitor server? For example: McAfee, Sophos Endpoint Security, Cisco AMP? Check the security log files and see if the software is quarantining anything. Start Task Manager on the AGM server and look at all the processes that are running. Do see a large number of processes that are running and/or appear to be hung?  Depending on how you configured AGM determines how many data collection processes are periodically started. For example - PowerShell Scripts, cscripts, JavaScripts (Ex. node.js). In Task Manager, look for an unusually large number of processes that are consuming RAM. I have seen network (LAN) problems cause hanging proceses - where AGM is in the middle of collecting data and there is a network outage that hangs AGM processes.   After a reboot, take a screen shot of all the processes running - then check hourly and see if the number of a processes are increasing.   Not sure what "custom" extensions you have implemented, but if you have written custom python code and integrated that into AGM, then simply disable that feature and see if that resolved the issue.  Contact Esri Support for more help.

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We have a weekly Nessus port scan that stops the AGM services.  Each week those have to be restarted when the scan completes.

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You need to whitelist the ArcGIS Monitor executables within the Nessus scanner so it (Nessus) doesn't interfere with ArcGIS Monitor operations.  It is not uncommon for virus scanners to quarantine ArcGIS Monitor files.

Exceptions/whitelisting for ArcGIS Monitor application and related *.exe for for services may be needed.  This would include:

  • arcgismonitorserver.exe
  • All ArcGISMonitor<ServiceNames>.exe   

  • ArcGIS_Administrator.exe
  • Node.exe
  • Mongod.exe
  • Any extension *.exe files; for example:   ArcSOCOptimizer.exe, ExcelReport.exe
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We're also coming across the same issues with Nessus causing the ArcGIS Monitor 10.8 Services / Processes to Terminate unexpectedly.

We have tried excluding ports that Nessus scans related to Monitor:

  • 443
  • 27017
  • 7999
  • 8000 (Enterprise 1)
  • 8001 (Enterprise 2)

As Tenable indicate this does happen to some applications, but the fault is with how the application handles the requests. Unfortunately this exclusion did not stop Monitor from crashing.

There are additionally many dynamic ports utilised by node.js. which we were not able to exclude.

We have been advised by IT the following relating to further Nessus exclusions:

  • No, folder cannot be excluded from scan, there is no such functionality.
  • Processes also cannot be excluded from scans.

The only workaround we've found is to configure recovery settings for these services so that they restart after failure.

Ideally these services would not fail when the server is scanned.

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