Route paramter is not effecting in Direction widget

09-09-2016 09:20 AM
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I trying to create a demo with Direction widget and Javascript api 3.17.when i try to modify any routing parameter it did not effect.i am trying to get the route by setting the route parameter  returnRoutes=true but direction request the solve with returnRoutes=false.i also tested with startTime parameter but its also not working.

could you please help me in this regards

my code snippet is following 

 var s_params = new RouteParameters();

s_params.returnRoutes = true;

this.directions = new Directions({
routeTaskUrl: url,
routeSymbol: sym,
directionsLengthUnits: 'esriKilometers',
canModifyStops: false,
showMilesKilometersOption: false,
showReturnToStartOption: false,
showTravelModesOption: false,
showPrintPage: false,
}, 'directions');
this.directions.on('directions-finish', lang.hitch(me, me._directionsFinished));

i also try to pass the parameter as Json.also try to Update the Routetask property.but still the same issue

Could you please help me in this regards

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