LayerList Legend onload visible all Layer

09-09-2016 05:19 AM
New Contributor

I am using LayerList widget and have some problem with Legend when first time is loaded the LayerList. Actually I have a lot of Group Layers and some of them are turned off but inside the group there are some layers turned on but not visible because the Group Layes is turned off at the beginning.

The problem is the first time when LayerList is loaded, in Legend tab are shown all symbols for all sublayers which are turned on (even on those which Group Layer is turned off and they are not visible on map).

If I turn on or off some layer then the legend become to normal and don't have this problem.

Does anyone have the same problem and found a solution?

I try on method onload to refresh the widget or to turn on layer and then turn off but it's not solve the problem

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