related tables in pop-ups using arcade

02-01-2021 10:21 PM
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Does anyone have a  simple example for displaying related table data on a pop-up in using Arcade expression?  There is a old post here related to this topic using FeatureSets but it was not clear to me!. I have a very simple county layer with a county ID (FIPS) and a related table with the same FIPS field and other fields with species information (TAXA: bird, reptile, fish;  and STATUS: endangered, At-risk, concern , Sustainable). I want to display a summary of those related fields on the pop-up (see sample image below) . Thanks for any help on this , I am new to arcade and I'm looking forward to learn more about how to use this new tools!




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Hi @JoseBarrios1 ,

Paul Barker has some posts explaining how to use FeatureSets, but I think this one about using FeatureSetByRelationshipName (to get access to the related records in the table) and the GroupBy (get count per specie)  function is probably what you are looking for: 

Your options depend highly on how your data is stored. Do you have relationship classes? Do you have a 1:M relationship? etc...