Is feature Layer ObjectId length is different for different Database

05-18-2021 10:55 PM
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Hi Team,

In ArcGIS, we found one article on Object ID length as mentioned below:- 

According to article Object IDs are limited to 32-bit values, which store a maximum value of 2,147,483,647.

In my project in back-end, we are using one service which returns JSON data using SQL database and by using that JSON data we are creating feature Layer. In SQL we have an unique field objectID field type bigint which contain 19 digit number. Sample values- 2823372036854775706, 9223372036854775706

While creating layer on map we are using SQL unique field as OID of layer. We are able to use 19 digit field as layer OID. 

1. What is maximum length for OID?

2. Is OID length vary on Database?

One more observation :- While using applyedits after sometime we observe for newly added records same OID value is genetarted for all records as shown below:




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