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05-19-2023 05:49 AM
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Zone lookup selects the zone and displays it, but is also filtering the zone layer - turning off all other zones in the map.  A common workflow for a user is to pan and zoom around the map, and then click on the map to see zone information at that location.  

Often when the user clicks on a spot and the map zooms to the extent of the zone at that location and highlights it and displays the zone info, the user wants to then click somewhere else, such as right outside the highlighted zone to see the adjacent zone information.

As near as I can see, currently the user can't do that as the first zone selection filters the zone layer so no other zones appear in the map, i.e., there are no other zones to click on.  The user has to click the clear search location button first in order to be able to then click on a different zone. 

While that is easy enough to do, feedback I am getting is that the extra step and click is not intuitive for the user, especially non-GIS professional users.  I want to use zone lookup for a community of 20,000+ non-GIS users, so want to make it as simple as possible. 

Is it possible to configure zone lookup to accomplish this?







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In the next release of ArcGIS Online due out around the User Conference you will be able to interact with features outside of the search results. Clicking on features outside the search results will display the feature popup if one has been configured. 

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Unfortunately, this is does not work very well.  The popup frequently comes up partially off the side of the screen, and looks very odd, especially since the popup is stylistically similar to the main zone information panel.  What users want is to click on zone and see zone information in the same panel.  Then click on an adjacent zone (without having to click the clear button), the first zone unhilights, the new zone highlights and map zooms to the extent of this new zone, and zone information panel shows information for the newly selected zone.  Are there any workarounds to make this work?

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Have there been any further updates regarding this issue?  I'm running into the same issue and would love to hear what the workaround is?

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