Date/Time results in Insights seem to be in UTC time zone

01-14-2019 02:47 PM
by Anonymous User
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I started using ArcGIS Insights recently, and I love the functionality it offers.

But, something I noticed was - results seem to be in UTC time zone - when data is imported from a feature layer (not sure if this has only been happening since the latest ArcGIS Online update).

I also tested this by exporting the feature layer to a csv (where results are in UTC timezone by default) - and running the analysis in excel. And the date/time results were exactly the same as what was produced through ArcGIS Insights.

A fix on this would be greatly appreciated, or let me know if I'm doing anything wrong from my end.

Thanks so much,


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by Anonymous User
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Hi Art Haddad‌/ Linda Beale‌/ Kelly Gerrow‌/ Khaled Hassen‌,

This issue still seems to be occurring.

Also, do you guys know a way - on how to add 11 hours to a time field in a data table (when creating a calculated field)?

Thanks so much,


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Geethaka Fernando,

   Thanks for reaching out! Could you reply with a step by step workflow of how you are able to reproduce this issue? I went through a similar workflow and found that the UTC function worked as expected.

   From my experimentation, I found that the UTC timecode can sometimes be based on whether or not you are linking to ArcGIS Online via a VPN. Are you able to reproduce this on a different internet connection / a different machine? Looking forward to your response.

Keep on keeping on!
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