Count Distinct in Arcgis Insigths

11-05-2021 04:57 AM
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I'm doing a calculation on arcgis insigths and it's counting repeated values, I just need to count the distinct values.
Conformity in the attached image, which does not have functions for calculating different values.
With that, the result of the calculation is wrong, counting as duplicities.


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Hi Jose,

When you create a chart like a column chart, it sums all of the records, even if they are repeating. Have you tried this workflow?

1) Create a summary table with say, a year and incident value. This cerates the summary table (obviously), but it also creates a resulting dataset that is available in the Insights data pane. You can also choose the summary statistic (sum, avg, percentile, etc)

2) Use the resulting summary table dataset (in the data pane) to create your column chart

The above will still aggregate all of the values, but the table will contain one record for each unique combination of values. If this isn't a suitable method, is it possible that you could clean the data to be one record per year?

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I got around this by creating a reference table, that shows the count at bottom right.  Not really what we are looking for BUT...



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Hello, @ScottSandusky, is the distinct count available in Insights?  I am also trying to create several graphs and having to create an additional table adds to our process. 

Thank you.

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Thank you for reaching out. The “distinct count” functionality is on the roadmap for ArcGIS Insights. We hope to include this functionality in the upcoming releases.

Thank you….

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I know this is an old post, but I thought it might help those looking for a resolution on counting distinct values in Insights. 

I brought my dataset into Pro, created a new field, and with the field calculator, ran the script as shown in the following link. If you want to count distinct values, make sure to change 1 to 0 in the 'if' statement and 0 to 1 under 'else'. Afterwards, in Insights, I was able to use this new field and receive the correct count in the card I wanted to use.

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